Our Services

We offer all services needed to eliminate, and prevent drafts and leaks.

Silicone Seals partner with some of the industries leading plumbers, roofing specialists, eaves trough and siding professionals, window manufacturers/installers, masons, water proofing and under-pining contractors, and renovators.

Our Primary Services:

      • Replacing caulking that is moldy and falling apart in your bathroom or kitchen

      • Caulking and sealing around masonry, concrete, decking/porch, and foundations

      • Draft sealing (foaming), using the highest quality; low, medium, and high expansion foam and insulations, from today’s leading manufactures

We also specialize in:

  • Repairing Interior water/moisture damage due to failed caulking or leaks, including drywall, ceiling, and floor repair

  • Window and door trim repair

  • Weather stripping and threshold installation

  • Stud and joist repair/replacing

  • Painting/repainting damaged or new surfaces

  • Epoxy and acrylic sealers over concrete, masonry, hardscaping and many other surfaces

  • Restoring, staining and sealing wooden decks, fences, gazebos and docks

  • Power washing and refreshing old masonry and concrete

  • Grading and hardscaping as part of improving your homes water diversion, and prevent icing. Including, limestone screening, weed barrier, gravel, HPB, decorative river/quarry rock, interlocking, retaining wall installation (both masonry, and lumber) and flag stone repairs and installation

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